Scientific, technical and management consulting for the biotech and pharmaceutical community.



·         Drug Discovery Experience

o         >14 years Pharmaceutical Industry Experience

o         >17 years Computational chemistry experience in all areas of drug discovery

o        Demonstrates experience with state-of-the art computational chemistry software

o        Designs and optimizes leads for various therapeutic areas

o        Identifies and optimizes leads for a diversity of therapeutic targets (kinase, protease, RT, GPCR, and many others)

o        Contributes to strategic discussions related to therapeutic target selection

o        Emphasis in lead discovery and optimization to IND candidates

o        Cheminformatics and Knowledge Management

·         Leadership/ Performance Management

o        Proven track record in developing high performance  teams to achieve project and corporate goals

o        Direct management responsibilities for drug discovery professionals

o        Department budget responsibilities

o        Strategic responsibilities – highlights

§         Therapeutic Project Team Management

§         Therapeutic Target Selection

§         Technology Development and Deployment

§         Informatics, IT

§         Business Development

·         Contract Research Organization Management

o        Manages outsourcing chemistry with overseas organizations

·         Drug Discovery Partnerships & Business Development

o        Provides support to raise funding for biotech

o        Establishes and manages relationships with drug discovery partners (lead discovery & optimization)

o        Outstanding scientific & customer relations

o        Satisfied partners

o        Delivers novel lead designs according to project plan; on time and on budget

o        U.S. and international clients

o        Collaborations with premier Biotechs, Pharma, and Agricultural Discovery Organizations

§         Speedel, DuPont, P&G, Dow, Scios, Johnson & Johnson, Amgen, Eli Lilly, and Ono Pharmaceuticals

·         Technology and Discovery Process Development

o        Developed Molecular Design Process for Fragment Based/ Structure Based Design Technology

§         Process was successfully applied to identify novel, efficacious, selective, orally bioavailable p38 inhibitors

o        Novel Technology Evaluation, Development and Application

o        Discovery Process/ Work Flow Analysis